Monday, February 14, 2011

Write from the heart

Happy Valentines' Day!

In the spirit of the day, I thought about writing something nice and sweet, then it hit me...


That's what everyone else is doing -- it's all about the unicorns and rainbows. :o)

I decided I wanna play devil's advocate. So I dug up an image that isn't very 'heart day' like...

Dark cupid...unfathomable phantom of the human psyche. Rising from fiery depths; the earth, scored and blackened. Fevered, filled with hunger, unmerciful. Stark, bony, garish features. Eyes, hollow. Wings, black as soot. Vile stench of evil. Torment dwells deep. Sadness emanates upon a haunting melody that lures shattered souls. Abundance of loneliness and despair on which to feed. Broken hearts of the fallen, relinquished with ease. Promises and lies, indistinguishable. Hope, wavering. Fall not to desolation. Fight, demand the legacy. Speak not with acrimony. Hold true to oneself. The journey, arduous. Strength, within. Love, powerful. Time, both an enemy and a saviour. Tire not. Falter never. Live…always.

Yup, this was short and me! =D