Friday, February 4, 2011

Write from the bottom of my tummy tum tum

I was supposed to workout last night - undoubtedly a great way to clear ones head to get ready for some writing time. Yet, alas...instead I went out to partake in some extremely unhealthy eating. And you know how it is when you eat fast food, it's like swallowing a lead weight and makes breathing seem like a chore. So, feeling sleepy and bloated, I decided to try meditation as a means to prepare to write.

Sitting cross-legged, eyes closed, breathing deeply...yes...this is exactly what I needed to relax...except...who knew a stomach could make that much noise! Clearly, I did not consume a burger, but rather a small creature intent on extricating himself from my belly. Ugh!

A handful of Tums and about 20 minutes later, I finally got down to writing. I think I could get use to this again!

Thinking about the kind of books I like to write, I decided that tonight, I would get into the mind of one of my would-be evil characters for the next 12 minutes and I came up with the following:

Rain tap tap tapped like skeletal fingers on the window pane. Embers buried beneath dark soot, gasped for air within the craggy hearth. Darkness consumed everything in the room, even the man that stood in its depths. A heart beat, the tempo slow and even. Fear, harvested with each breath the man takes, fills the air with a putrid stench. Sanity has but a tenuous grip...and it is faltering. Wave after toxic wave of animosity burns from deeply hollow eyes, scalding its way down to that place where a soul should live. He fears no evil. And yet...evil fears him.

I realized after this exercise that there was some real hope of firming up my flabby brain muscles, and all I could think of was...I wanna do it again!

Okie doke -- it's go time! Fourteen minutes of writing.