Thursday, February 3, 2011

All writey then

So yesterday was my first creative exercise. I heard standing on your head helps increase bloodflow and oxygen to the brain...and in turn, gets those creative juices flowing.

Umm, really?

I prolly shouldn't believe everything I read on the internet. ^_^

I passed on the head standing and went right to the ten minutes of writing. I'll admit I had to force myself into the chair and I only struggled a little. But, once I got down to it, it felt great.

So as not to over-tax my flabby brain, I just imagined a pleasant scene in my mind and set out to describe it. It's a little rough, but passable.

Blue skies, bluer ocean and sand in my bellybutton. Blazing sun presses down hard, cacooning, almost stifling. Throbbing reggae wafts upon a cooling tradewind, mingling with a familiar and intoxicating scent. Sand, raspy yet silky. Surf, warm and inviting. Thoughts of home tease the recesses of my mind, but I'm not ready to let go of this transfixing, beautiful country...Jamaica.

Do you think I'm just a little Jamaica obsessed? Okay, maybe a little.

Brain workout for tonight -- twelve minutes of writing.