Tuesday, July 26, 2011

I am...

All last week I was on holidays! And it was awesome. Spent the week at a cottage at Grand Beach, MB. Strangely, we had a heat wave at the beginning of the week, and then it cooled right down and it was cold! I really can't complain cuz the charming, warm weather has returned, although not at the heat wave magnitude. Not sure how I feel about that… =)

I don’t know how many people know this about me, but I love to run. And I woke up every day on my holidays at 6:30 a.m. just so I could beat the heat. My running route was along the water on the beach. I love running on the beach. There’s nothing like it.

I’m back at work this week, but working towards yet another week of holidays, next week. Très sah-weeeet!

So I have discovered that I am truly crazy about Twitter and have become a wee bit addicted. Okay, okay, I’m a lot twaddicted. Wow, it’s worse than I thought… Anyway, tweeting is always on my mind now. Everything I do, or see, or hear, or say, is fodder for my next tweet. My friends may wanna keep that in mind. Hee hee. =D

So my new writing exercise is based on my thoughts around the fantasy genre image I chose. It was really difficult to go in only one direction, cuz my mind was buzzing with this image. Check out the exercise and enjoy!

I do not sleep. In fact, the night is my enemy. It stalks me like a predator, taking everything and giving back nothing. I am weary.

I do not see the light. In fact, it has betrayed me. It led me to believe in hope, in love, yet skewers hot lances through my soul. I am darkness.

I do not hear. In fact, I can tune out all the cries of fear and pain and despair. They do not reach me at all. I am deaf to them.

I do not weep. In fact, my tears have long since dried. The ache that permeated my every fibre has died. I am numb.

I do not feel. In fact, I am but an empty shell of my former self. I once laughed and loved and lived, yet now I only exist. I am nothing.

I do not have a heart. In fact, a gaping black hole resides in the middle of my chest. I fear nothing. I am godless.

I do not fear death. In fact, I pursue it, I yearn for it. Yet, it eludes me. I am immortal.

I do not know peace. In fact, there is so much blood on my hands, it will not clean. And, more shall fall at my hand. I am doomed.

I have to reiterate just how cool this image is. And, I’m thinkin’ I may use it again in a future writing project; cuz there is a much larger story here to be told. And, I’m very interested in unravelling it. Keep an eye out for that image again.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Brilliant Execution

On vacation and it's awesome! A beautiful cottage, blue skies, birds singing, temperatures raging, and a lake with a beach to cool off in. My mornings consist of a beach run, then coffee and breakie on a balcony. Life is goooooood. =D

Summer hasn't been too kind to us in central Canada, so when the weather is generous - all bets are off for doing anythin' else! Bring it Mother Nature!

The only downside to my holiday, was the hazy smoke filtering in from some forest fires in Northern Ontario. Narsty. Hard to breath. Then yesterday morning, a thunderstorm washed it all away. Smoke be gone!

So anyway, believe it or not, my daughter and her friend were discussing insanity (teens talk about the strangest subjects...lol), which sparked the idea for this writing exercise. But you know what they say, crazy is as crazy does. Enjoy!

Oddly familiar
Yet unknown
Sinking feeling
Artfully grown.

Doubt planted
Paranoia grows
Anxiety peaks
Insanity shows.

Screams echo
Trapped mind
Slipping farther
Final bind

Reality spins
Dizzying pace
Crazed eyes
Blank face.

Whispers taunt
Shadows crawl
Brilliant plot
Mighty fall.

I'm feeling a lil crazy now! Need to get back to my holidays. =D

Friday, July 1, 2011

Happy Canada Day, eh!

Here's to wishing you all the best Canada Day!

Whatta great week. My daughter graduated grade nine and wowed us by winning three awards and graduating with 'A' honours. She looked beautiful in the dress she chose and had fun on a boat cruise. My baby does me proud! Congrats, sweetie!

Feels like summer finally made an appearance -- about time! Love it!

For my writing exercise, yup you guessed it, a Canada Day poem. Hee hee. It took me awhile to write, cuz I looked up highlights of every province and territory, but check it out and enjoy!

Oh, Canada
Land of the free
Home of the brave
How do I love thee
Let me count the ways.

Lighthouses on the Atlantic Ocean
Whales’ song fills the air
Puffins on rocky ledges
Pitcher plant along trails.

Nova Scotia
Bluenose sails unfurled
1500 year old birch trees
Wintering Bald Eagles
Rare Plymouth Gentians and Pink Tickseeds.

Prince Edward Island
Confederation Bridge
Anne of Green Gables
Red sand beaches
Lady Slippers in coniferous forest tables.

New Brunswick
100 billion tonnes of Fundy
Acadian heritage
Warmest saltwater beaches
Longest covered bridge, Hartland Bridge.

Francophone, our second language
Beautiful Laurentian Mountains
Winter Carnival ice castles
Ancient fiefdoms.

Longest street in the world, Yonge Street
Canadian Government on Parliament Hill
Soaring CN Tower
Stunning Niagara Falls.

Churchill on Hudson Bay
Tundra and polar bears
Carberry Desert sand dunes
The Red and Assiniboine Rivers.

Al Capone’s tunnels
Beloved Roughriders
Provincial flower, the Western Red Lily
Golden wheat fields for miles.

Hidden dinosaur bones
Mysterious Badlands
West Edmonton Mall
Miles of oil sands.

British Columbia
Towering, ancient Redwoods
Majestic Rocky Mountains
Wild Pacific Sockeye Salmon
Breathtaking Vancouver Island.

Inuit heritage
Massive Canadian Shield, the Laurentian Plateau
Expansive ice fields
Inuksuks standing tall.

Aurora borealis lights up the night sky
Igloos on icy terrain
Fields of purple Fireweed
Caribou grazing.

Northwest Territories
Enormous ice burgs
Cavernous diamond mines
Beluga whales with their young
Arctic Sea so sublime.

Oh, Canada
So diverse and beautiful
How I love thee
From coast to coast
Every province and territory.

Have a great long weekend!