Monday, May 16, 2011

Write in the mind

I'm so happy! The sun is shining! And has been since Saturday. My yard is drying and there's hope that I could have a sidewalk this year! Whoopee!

I've been using Twitter and MySpace and some other web sites to promote this blog, but I'm not all that knowledgeable on how to use Twitter. I see there's some kind of 'technique' to Tweets that has been elusive to me. I've been following some Twitter accounts to try and get the gist of it, but have been hesitant on actually testing this new found knowledge. So far, I just post what I'm bloggin'. I wonder if there's a Twitter for Dummies book, cuz I'd get it!

Anyway, on to my continued passion with the fantasy genre. The words 'spiritus mundi' got stuck in my head (don't ask me why, stuff just gets stuck there - I've learned to just go with it), and from that, came this poem:

Fatal instincts
Flawed design
Hearts of anarchy
Fear sublime

Harboured rage
Faith revoked
Battle lines drawn
Soul is stoked

Weapons a ready
Fire in our veins
Brother by brother
Our land, it remains

Clash of steel
Splinter of bone
Driven by blood lust
Hearts turn to stone

Advancing forward
Pushing back
Losing ground
Faltering attack

Brothers falling
Terror and screams
Death and dying
Shattered dreams

Loss abounds
Shaken to the core
Blood soaked earth
We’ve become what we abhor

Spiritus mundi
Save us now
Falling to our knees
Our heads do bow

Forgive us now
For what we have become
We seek amends
For what we have begun

Spiritus sancti
Protect our souls
Fill our hearts
Bring us home

As crazy as it is, I do love when things get 'stuck' in my head. :o)

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