Monday, May 30, 2011

Live true

Another week rolls by and warm, dry weather seems hesitant to stick around. Good weather or not, the week rounded off quite nicely when I got the chance to go grade nine grad dress shopping with my daughter. Do you remember when the important grad was grade 12?? Not-so-much today. There's a kindergarten grad, grade six, grade nine and grade 12 grad! Sheesh. My daughter and I had a blast, like we usually do. I'm very fortunate to be close with both of my kids. And, my daughter will look stunning for her grad. She tried on a bunch of dresses, but when we found the one, we knew we had to get it. She was completely put together with the dress, shoes, earrings, bracelet and purse and I got to say something that I've never said before: "We'll take it all." Made my credit card smoke, but was worth it! =D

For my next writing exercise, I wanted to write something with an inspirational edge. They always make me feel good. I wrote the poem before I got the image, so I hope they work! Check it out.

Life is to be lived…truly lived.
Love more, live more, be more.
Be ready to give more, receive more and feel more.
Never ask more from anyone that you wouldn’t give yourself.
Falter not.

Understand what it is to truly live.
Fight for what you believe in.
Follow your dreams.
Be passionate.

Focus on what’s important.
Dismiss the insignificant issues.
Find that thing that drives you.
Give it all you’ve got.

Harbour no hatred.
Forgive all transgressions.
Let go of the past.
Look towards the future.

Breathe deeply.
the world.
the world.
Allow yourself to feel all that is around you.
Be open.

Give the heart what it wants.
Love with everything inside you.
Say what is in your heart.
Be true to yourself.

Yup, it definitely makes me feel good.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Shakespearean infusion

I thought I was bein' a smarty pants by using the word "write" in all my blog titles, but have since discovered through some recent analysis, that dynamic titles have a real draw factor for the reader. So, I thought -- here's an opportunity to put those findings into practice. So, from now on, I'll be coming up with titles that better represent my writing exercises.

So, I think I'm starting to get the hang of Twitter. I've started using #hashtags. They're actually pretty cool and are helpful for searching or even tweet ideas. I'm starting to get a lil twaddicted. *just breath, KC*

Anyway, my daughter was working on an essay about Shakespeare's Julius Caesar, and it got me to thinking about famous Shakespearean lines and gave me the idea for my next writing exercise - basically it's a mash-up of Shakespeare quotes from all his plays, put together into a poem. =D

What's in a name? That which we call a rose
Shall I compare thee to a summers' day?
[But] The course of true love never did run smooth
Is whispering nothing?
The lady doth protest too much
[And] All that glisters is not gold

It smells to heaven
Some Cupid kills with arrows, some with traps
One may smile, and smile, and be a villain
The green-eyed monster
This thing of darkness
Swift as a shadow
Make mad the guilty

And thus I clothe my naked villainy
More sinned against than sinning
One that loved not wisely but too well
The most unkindest cut of all
[So] The patient must minister to himself
I will buy with you, sell with you, talk with you
There is special providence in the fall of a sparrow

Why then tonight let us assay our plot
The quality of mercy is not strained
In my heart of hearts
Tis better to be vile than vile esteemed
To thine own self be true
So sweet was never so fatal

O, happy dagger!
Chaos is come again
Neither rhyme nor reason
That way madness lies
O, what men do dare!
O villain, villain, smiling damned villain!

Parting is such sweet sorrow
Done to death by slanderous tongue
We came crying hither
We have seen better days

I go, and it is done; the bell invites me
Is this a dagger which I see before me?
Cowards die many times before their deaths
O coward conscience, how dost though afflict me!
Screw your courage to the sticking place
For goodness sake
What's done is done
[A] Forgone conclusion

Anything in the square brackets [ ], were added by me and not part of the original quotes.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Write in the mind

I'm so happy! The sun is shining! And has been since Saturday. My yard is drying and there's hope that I could have a sidewalk this year! Whoopee!

I've been using Twitter and MySpace and some other web sites to promote this blog, but I'm not all that knowledgeable on how to use Twitter. I see there's some kind of 'technique' to Tweets that has been elusive to me. I've been following some Twitter accounts to try and get the gist of it, but have been hesitant on actually testing this new found knowledge. So far, I just post what I'm bloggin'. I wonder if there's a Twitter for Dummies book, cuz I'd get it!

Anyway, on to my continued passion with the fantasy genre. The words 'spiritus mundi' got stuck in my head (don't ask me why, stuff just gets stuck there - I've learned to just go with it), and from that, came this poem:

Fatal instincts
Flawed design
Hearts of anarchy
Fear sublime

Harboured rage
Faith revoked
Battle lines drawn
Soul is stoked

Weapons a ready
Fire in our veins
Brother by brother
Our land, it remains

Clash of steel
Splinter of bone
Driven by blood lust
Hearts turn to stone

Advancing forward
Pushing back
Losing ground
Faltering attack

Brothers falling
Terror and screams
Death and dying
Shattered dreams

Loss abounds
Shaken to the core
Blood soaked earth
We’ve become what we abhor

Spiritus mundi
Save us now
Falling to our knees
Our heads do bow

Forgive us now
For what we have become
We seek amends
For what we have begun

Spiritus sancti
Protect our souls
Fill our hearts
Bring us home

As crazy as it is, I do love when things get 'stuck' in my head. :o)

Monday, May 9, 2011

Write exciting!

My mother's day was awesome! My kids spoil me. My son took me to see the movie: "Thor", and my daughter baked me an amazing cake with palm trees, a blue ocean and lil Jamaican dudes dancing. I am so blessed. =D

Have you been watching the new series, 'Game of Thrones'? All I can say is...WOW! What an amazing show. I can't wait to get my hands on George R.R. Martin's books...ummm, is it just me, or did that kinda sound weird. At any rate, I will read those books...oh yes, I will. =D

Anyhoo, this eerie image drew me the moment I saw it. With it's tiny bit of light desperately trying to push through ugly clouds, while all the darkness presses it back. The following came to me.

The dawn is dead.

Fed to the darkness by liars, thieves and murderers. No distinction between right and wrong - the line blurs into nothingness. They hate. They steal. They kill.

And, the darkness comes.

The night creeps and crawls and slithers into every corner, into every crevice. Searching and choking out the light. It is silent. It is invisible. It is insidious.

It comes for us.

The last of the good hearts. Too few. Weakened by the constant night. Weary. We battle what we cannot see or hear or even touch. We are fragile. We fall. We die. We are human. We fight for humanity...or what is left of it. And we can never stop.

For there is no one to blame.

We took the dawn for granted. We betrayed. We let ourselves be betrayed. We should have done more. We should have done so much more.

We failed ourselves...

My love for the fantasy genre continues to grow. <3

Monday, May 2, 2011

Write opposite

Today, Canadians go to the polls. Democracy is such an awesome privilege! Every vote counts, so don't forget to cast your vote!

My mom participated in an art show of local artists this past weekend and it was a great success! Even though the weather sucked. I mean seriously, how can it be 21C one day, then 3C and raining the next day, then -3C and snowing the next. It felt like we experienced three seasons in a weekend! Ack! Anyway, one of my mom's painting titles inspired me to write my next piece -- Positively Negative -- where all that is negative, has a positive spin.

Night is day
The dawn guides the way
No is yes
The absence of guess

Sadness is happiness
Exhilaration fills us
Hard is easy
Simple effort is pleasing

Down is up
Scaling heights, never stop
Long is short
Distance, our consort

Ice is fire
Burning hot, we aspire
Crazy is sane
There is no one to blame

Old is new
Rebirth reigns true
Black is white
Darkness shifts to light

Bad is good
It saves, as it should
Hate is love
Fine line, needs but a shove

War is peace
Freedom, an ingrained belief
Death is life
Filled with wonder and beauty, not strife.

I love it when a plan comes together. =D