Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Write 'wonder'ful

Spring has sprung! The weather is beautiful. The sun is shining. All is right with the world. Now, if only I didn't have to look at large mud piles in my yard and the lack of grass thereof. At least the mud is dry and no longer acts like a sucking tar pit. Good times ahead! Maybe I'll regain those awesome muscles I developed in the fall -- now that's an incentive!

I keep trying to think of different ways to add some variety to my little writing exercises, and yes, I know, I've been sliding in the consistency of posting, but I have an excuse! Okay, I don''s just utter laziness. At least I'm honest with myself.

So anyway, I was watching a show on TV and it was about the many wonders of the world. Now, the seven wonders are really cool, but there are so many other wonders on this amazing planet too. So, I wrote this poem...or at least I think it's a poem. =D

Wonders of the world
Beautiful and mysterious
Thought provoking...
Pyramids - final resting place of kings
Easter Island - faces of stone
Great Barrier Reef - life and beauty and colours abound
Great Wall of China - miles of defense
Stonehenge - incredible stone formations
The Hanging Gardens of Babylon - innovative irrigation
Ayers Rock - primeval blood-red rock
Grand Canyon - carved by water and time
Aurora Borealis - sky, alive with colour
Roman Colloseum - gladiator battles
Taj Mahal - inner peace
Chchen Itza - ancient steps to the stars
Our world has so many wonders to behold
This, but a snapshot of so much more
Awe-inspiring and mind-bending
Bewildering and breathtaking
Wonders of OUR world
How truly blessed we are.

These are but a handful of the amazing creations, both natural and man-made. What an amazing world we live in.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Scars...write deep

I am so excited! I'm bettin' that coming very soon will be the Easter version of Angry Birds! Just keep 'em comin', Angry Bird game makin' peeps!

I've decided to learn another language - I'm taking French. It's so much fun! Up until this point, all I knew is what I learned on Sesame Street, and to be quite honest, it doesn't get you very far. Course my husband thinks that you can get by on, "bonjour, mon capitaine" (from Q in Star Trek the Next Generation) - he figures if you know that line, what else do ya need? =o)

Well, you might need a canoe if you live in Manitoba. Some pretty nasty flooding going on around here. We keep hoping for no rain and no snow...fingers crossed!!

In this writing project, I tried something a little different; it's a pyramid-type poem: one word to eight words, then eight words back down to one. I had a ball with this one - you gotta pay close attention to the word count and it still has to make sense. Love it!

Deep inside
Hidden so well
Ever changed by tragedy
Darkness hints beneath the surface
A facade indicative of broken dreams
Ravaged by unrelenting nightmares night after night
Revenge burning inside a heart gone ice cold
No fear of the consequences only strong conviction
Smile on outside to fool and captivate
Laughter faked with skill and ease
A dance with the devil
A soul lost forever
Such beautiful lies
Pretty deceits

It's short, but it's not about the length of these projects, it's all about gettin' 'er done!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Write proud of myself

I have to admit, I'm pretty proud of the set-up of my last blog and now this one. The blogger 'compose' template has been giving me trouble and I've had to use html to fix it. Now, I'm no html genius, so being able to fix the spacing, italics, and even setting up the picture properly was pretty darn amazin' for me! Yay!

Anyway, I searched around for an image to write about and came across the one below. I'm gonna try something a little different and write a fight scene. Let's see if I can do it!

She breathed short controlled breaths. Her heart pounded hard against her ribcage. Her muscles, coiled and ready. Her weapons, positioned at her sides.

The air crackled with energy, and all creatures fell silent as if they knew...

Knew what she knew...that today she would die...

She was not afraid.

Dawn had come and she knew this was the day of days. She knew they would come for her. The wind tossled her hair wildly around her face and her eyes burned with malice she would not allow herself to deny. She would hate, and it would consume her, and she would use it.

She placed one foot in front of the other and headed towards him, her blades heavy in her hands, making her muscles burn. She ignored their weight, conscious only of them being an extension of her arms. She rotated one wrist, arcing the weapon in a circle, then repeated the move with the other.

He watched her, his lips curled in a sardonic, malicious grin.

How she hated that smile.

Close enough now to smell the stink of him, she dropped into a fighting stance. Her blades at the ready.

His smile grew larger, showing a row of broken, ragged, rotting teeth. He raised his large, menacing blade.

"You are either very brave or very stupid," he said, as he began to circle her.

She pivoted, never taking her eyes off him. "I am neither. But perhaps you should talk less and fight more." That raised a chuckle from his men.

With a roar he swung his blade high and then down, connecting hard with hers and driving her to her knees. He raised his arms again and she dropped and rolled away as he swung, his blade glancing off a rock, sending a spray of sparks. He relentlessly followed her, driving his sword down onto hers over and over, keeping her on the defensive.

She blocked. She parried. But, he pushed her farther and farther back. Her muscles screamed in agony, but she would never let him see any weakness. She spun around and dived into a tuck and roll, coming out onto her feet again. But he was bigger, faster, and before she could regain a defending position, he was upon her. And with that hateful smile, he drove his blade to the hilt into her midsection. She stared at the steel protruding from her body, her life's blood seeping from the edges of the wound.

He leaned in close, his face mere inches from hers, his breath making her gag.

"Such a waste," he said softly, touching her cheek, smearing the trickle of blood at the corner of her mouth.

"At least I am not a fool," she whispered, and with that, she drove a small dagger into his heart.

He didn't even have time to look stunned, he just dropped heavily to the ground in a heap. Without him holding her upright, she toppled and fell next to him. She could hear a flurry of voices and activity, but she barely noticed. Instead, she stared into the vacant eyes of her enemy. She could feel herself slipping away, but this was her turn to smile.

This scene coulda been way longer, but I held back a bit, as this is only an exercise, but it was so much fun!