Sunday, February 6, 2011

On the write track

Can you! I'm really excited how quickly the old writing instincts are coming back.

My out of shape brain's a lil tired today, prolly from pushing it these last few days. So, I'm looking for inspiration!

The pic my son gave me is awesome -- love the colour, the thoughts it evokes. The cool thing is that what it means to me could be totally different to the next person and I love that!

So, I got my picture -- now, gettin' some tunes to match my thoughts.

It's true, the right song can literally pull the words from me. A lil loopy? Well, think about it, it's like in the movies, when you are watching a scene and a great song begins and makes the scene amazing. It's the same for writing - the right song can set the scene - paint it right before my eyes. So, here's the pic and my thoughts:

He finds himself in this place again, with reality at his back and his dreams so close he can touch them. He sits and lets his gaze love that which draws him back again and again. It's beauty, breathtaking. Yet he feels torn. Solid and dependable, his reality stands firm beneath him, compelling him to do what is right, what is safe. His heart yearns for more, so much more. And he knows...all he needs to do is stand up, take that first step and never look back.

Woot! Guess what's next...eighteen minutes!

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