Monday, February 21, 2011

All the write peeps

Sunday was family day - spent the afternoon with my aunt and the evening with my mom.

My aunt cooked a huge meal - was sooo good! She followed it up with a desert called: 'monkey buns'....yup, I'm totally serious, that's what they're called. Basically, it's cinnamon bun dough made into balls and placed in a bundt pan and baked. Then covered with cinnamon and brown sugar drizzle and icing...oy. Actually, she wasn't done. It was my bday recently and she knows I love shortbread cookies - so she made me five dozen!

And, there's even more...

It was my mom's bday Sunday, so we had a little party. My daughter, Karagin, and I made her a card. Karagin drew an amazing picture (she's a fantastic artist and photographer and she's only 15!), and I wrote the inside. My mom loves stuff like that.

After all that family fun, I seriously need to get back to my running program!

I wonder how many calories typing burns.....let's find out!

Remarkable folly. Incredible feat. Unimaginable gateway.
Indescribable fascination. Copious generosity. Beautiful autonomy.
Practical thoughts. Impractical decisions. Inevitable repercussions.
Typical insight. Obscure scruples. Infinite power.
Strength displayed. Empathy displaced. Fear discerned.
Incredulous disgust. Phenomenal backlash. Force withdrawn.
Peace restored. Questions remain. Lesson learned?

Okay, I'm thinkin' I didn't burn many calories....dang.


Humpty Dumpty said...

Where are you getting these pics to write about? I think this is a great idea!

KC Oliver said...

Thx! A lot of the pics are fantasy genre. I just Google 'fantasy artwork' or 'fantasy wallpapers'.