Monday, May 24, 2010

Writing a tweet at a time

I'm telling you - this is the best idea since the internet. And I'm not saying this because it's our idea -- okay, maybe I am. But this is exciting!

My writers' group and I are collaboratively writing a story together -- on Twitter. It's a fun story that utilizes no outline, no charachter sketch, no restrictions. It's seven creative minds doing what they do best -- write!

Check us out on Twitter. To follow us go to: and add us.

The story begins with Kevin's great line: "Adeline died in my arms. I never should have lent them to her." And spins from there.

The entire story is located on our blog:

What I find so amazing is that we are seven very different writers, with unique writing styles, coming from various genres, and yet it's difficult to tell who has written what. Talk about cohesion!

Where will the story end up? Who knows! Cuz anything goes!

Well, back to tweeting...